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Band Practice Space Rates

If you need band practice space in Phoenix - Mesa area, Underdog Studios is the place.  You don't have to worry about neighbors complaining or hanging around in a dusty, hot garage. 

Monthly Band Practice Space

Underdog Studios has Monthly Lockout Rooms for your band practice space.  No more hauling your gear in and setting up just to practice...and then spending all that time to tear down again.

When you rent your band practice space by the month at Underdog Studios, you get your own key and a room to yourself.

Room rates run from $350 to $450 depending on the space you need.

Hourly Band Practice Space

If you just need a couple of hours and don't mind the load out, our hourly band practice space might be the right choice for your group.  Hourly Rates are $20 for first hour and $15 for each additional hour after  our rooms are available 7 days a week from 2PM to 2AM. 24 hour access available need to know in advanced  

Availability Of Our Band Practice Space is Limited

Call today at 480-420-4388 to arrange a visit.