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Underdog Studios LLC Policies


Payment: You are responsible for all monies due to the studio and shall make payment to the studio as follows: cash, money order or bank certified check. No media will be turned over to you until full payment is made for that day.


Final Payment: The final payment for all work completed is due at the end of the recording session, without exception. No product, whether it be uploads, CD's, DVD's, demos, hard drive transfers, or any other media will be released to the client until the current balance due is paid in full.


Ownership: Underdog Studios retains ownership over all recordings until they are paid for in full.  We will file (and have filed) DMCA charges to have any recordings removed from any and all websites if there is an unpaid balance for any reason.


Responsibility:The person responsible for paying for studio time must sign an agreement and will be held responsible for the actions of all artists and guests he or she brings to any session. The client must show a legal ID with proof of age. If the client is under 18 years of age the client's parent or legal guardian must read and sign this agreement and provide a legal ID, as well as additional proof of guardianship if last names are different, and will be held responsible for all actions and debts of the client.

Equipment Rental: If there is something you need that we do not have available, you may bring it yourself or request we rent it for you at prevailing rates. Any equipment damaged or broken by clients will be repaired or replaced at cost and billed accordingly.


Cancellations: Cancellations after deposits are made result in the loss of the deposit monies and session times. Notice of a client's intent to cancel a session must be received by us no later than 48 hours (2 days) before such session. If notice is not received by us, the client shall be liable for the cost of one half of the time booked. Client's deposit as stated above may be applied by us in partial satisfaction of such liability. Sessions cancelled the same day of the scheduled session will be liable for the total cost of the booked time.

Late policy: You have a 15-minute grace period from the scheduled start time of your session. After the 15 minutes, the session clock will start and will be counted against your studio time. The engineer will then wait another 15 minutes for you. After this 30 -minute period, the engineer will close the studio and consider your session cancelled. You will lose your deposit monies and session time. If this happens, your session time is also made available for re-booking to other clients.


Start Time: The session clock begins at the scheduled session start time that both parties agree upon. If you a arrive early and the studio can accommodate an early start, then the session clock will begin at that early start time. If you are late for any reason, you will be charged from the scheduled session start time, with no exceptions. And - please call if you are going to be late!


Ending Time: We do our best to be flexible. Often another session is scheduled immediately following yours and in most cases we allow at least one-hour leeway between sessions. If you should require a little more time, we will try to continue and ask the next scheduled appointment if they can wait. However, if this is not acceptable to them, we ask that you be considerate and stop your project and schedule another session. It is always a good idea to estimate the amount of time you will need and schedule accordingly.


CD & DVD blanks:

All charges include one CD of the finished mixes. Blank media can be provided at a rate of $1 extra per CD, $3 extra per DVD.


How We Compute Hours/Cost: Underdog Studios computes billings on a per-hour basis for all work occupying the Underdog Studios recording studio facility. Any task that ties up the studio which you have booked - whether it be tracking, mixing, mastering, editing, recording equipment setup, simple cd-burning, punches, fixes, remixes, voiceovers, etc. - are billed at the prescribed hourly rate.  Hourly Minimums: The hourly minimum does not apply to multiple day, or long-standing client work, nor does it apply to quick fixes, edits, and other work done on a client's project should they need to return following a session to make those changes. The minimum hourly booking is only two hours. Often is the case, however, that all but the simplest of tasks tend to exhaust two hours.


Band Member Info


Food and Drink: Alcohol is prohibited. Other food and drink may be brought into the studio but must be kept away from equipment racks, consoles and piano. Drinks in the Live Room are OK, but must be contained in a screw-top bottle with the top engaged when not being consumed. Food or drink is the artist's responsibility to provide. The studio lounge has a microwave and refrigerator, & dining table. You may bring your own food and beverages and store them in the fridge. We take no responsibility for items stored and items will be removed if stored for an extended period of time. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself and your guests.


No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited on the premises. If you choose to smoke outdoors, please don't litter the sidewalk.


Gear Damaged Due To Willful Or Accidental Negligence: If you or anyone in your party breaks or damages anything you agree to pay for it. This includes microphones, headphones, amps, guitars etc. Any damage to the equipment, facility, or instruments, is the clients responsibility and will be billed at full replacement cost, including the man-hours involved in procurement or management of the replacement or repair. For certain uses of the studio, an additional damage-deposit may be required, but whether or not a deposit is required does not limit the total cost of the damages in any way, as all damages even those that exceed any deposit requirement will be billed to the client.

Leaving Gear Behind: If you leave something at the studio we'll do our best to ensure that it's stored safely. However, we cannot be held responsible in the event that your gear is damaged through unwillful occurrence (water damage, theft etc). By booking time with us you agree that Underdog Studios  is not responsible for loss or damage to gear left behind due to such events. Clients assume all risks associated with storing, on or off the premises of Underdog Studios, any and all sound recordings, video recordings, digital data in any storage format including but not limited to audio, video, smpte, midi, or other file types, or equipment of any kind or nature and shall hold "Underdog Studios" harmless from any and all damage that might occur to said articles for any reason.


Backup & Storage


Backup DVD: if you'd like to maintain your original master recordings after the recording session make sure to purchase a backup DVD of the ProTools session immediately after the session - otherwise they may be permanently lost - this means that you will not be able to edit or work with the recording you made in the future!


Backup Digital: usage and storage have become major issues for studios and clients. Due to the unreliable nature of this digital world, We cannot guarantee the safe use or storage of digital audio files. We strive to do our best with audio file manipulation and storage, but there are many things out of our control. For example there are often "bugs" in operating systems and attendant software; hardware components that suddenly become defective in hard drive power supplies and IC boards; glitches in the operations of complex computer functions, etc., that can cause losses in data. Although such losses are infrequent, Underdog Studio LLC. accepts no liability for the usage or storage of any data or audio files.

It is necessary for every client to provide backup for digital audio file storage.


There are several ways to do this: Purchase a hard drive that audio and session files may be stored on.Bring your own studio compatible hard drive(s) to the session.

Purchase blank compact discs or DVDs from us for archiving any files that may have been originally stored/used on an in-house drive.

We strongly advise that you buy or provide a second hard drive for backing up all important audio files in the event the primary drive(s) in use should fail for any reason. This should be done throughout your studio session. This is similar to backing up any important data files in any business, typically on a daily or timed basis as many software programs automatically do, to hopefully be protected if anything were to happen to the primary storage or use of such data. Again we strongly advise you maintain a backup storage solution for all important files. We will not be responsible for any losses of data during use or during storage of any such files. We recommend you instruct the recording engineer to backup your data at close intervals throughout your session to your secondary backup solution such as a second hard drive. We advise you to then take your hard drives, DVDs or compact discs with you upon departure from the studio. You may leave the above items at your own risk and peril if you choose to do so. Failure to make the above arrangements will result in your audio and session files being unavailable for use. Underdog Studios  assumes no responsibility and makes no representations either express or implied regarding safety and replacement of any hard drives, master or other audio files, or any type of recordings.