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Underdog Studios isn't the biggest of the music recording studios in Phoenix, but we're the hottest newcomer.

Recording Studio Prices

If you're looking at recording professionally with one of the local music recording studios, one of the questions you're asking is, "What will this cost us?"Most acts looking to get their first tracks down professionally are very price conscious. Knowing it will take longer than they anticipate, the recording studio prices are a big factor. Underdog Studios has some of the best recording studio prices in town - starting at $65. Otherwise, we have package prices that give you enough time to get several tracks under your belt without worring that you're running up the hours. Give Underdog Music Recording Studios a call to set up an appointment.

Daily and Monthly Band Practice Space

Need a place to practice? Underdog Studios has band practice space for rent. If you just need a place to work out the kinks with a new member, or if you're working on a tight budget, daily Band Practice Space is for you. It's economical and keeps your neighbors from complaining.

Pros know that nothing helps a band more than regular practice, and lugging all your gear around makes keeping a regular practice schedule harder and your practices less effective. Monthly band practice space rental saves setup time and effort because you can park your gear in your own lockout room and all you need to do is walk in and get started. At Underdog Studios, our monthly band practice space is economical and secure.

Underdog Studios - we're here to help you make your music better with music recording studios in Phoenix-Mesa AZ and affordable band practice space by the day or the month.

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